About Us

Joe Colmenares

Muralist. Consultant. Educator.

There’s an inexplicable unity demonstrated by the way Joe naturally turns his hands into instruments, connecting with his materials turning any canvas into a masterpiece of creative expression. With every stroke, the intensity in Joe’s art flows—the way he layers & composes images with vibrant colors; you become witness to his unique aesthetic judgment. Living as an artist whose art is life, Joe has a keen ability to look at walls and incorporate elements, most would consider obstructive—to seamlessly merge into his culturally relevant yet timeless pieces. Joe takes pride not only in painting—but commits to his passion of making any surface he paints dissolve and morph into a vision. He is genuine—like his ability to make art come alive & spark curiosity amongst his audiences. The organic message in his work, stemming from cultural roots—will surely move you.

One of his major inspirations has always been his mother, who also painted many canvases herself as young woman. As a boy, Joe took lessons with the graphic designer for Carlos Santana, Michael Roman, for many years during the ’90s. As a teen, he studied under Bill Mayfield of the Artist Guild of San Francisco. And most importantly, the vibrant magic of San Francisco’s city streets inspired him as a child & continues to inspire him as he treks the streets as an adult. Joe feels most moved by the murals in the Mission—those expressions that move and connect him to the community he grew up in and remains a part of today. He is highly influenced by street artists such as Barry “TWIST” McGee, Reminisce, Blu, Shepard Fairey, Ron English, Spie1, IGNI, Twick1, Estria, Loomit, Crayone, Mike “Dream”, Krash, DUG, and many others. Later, Joe attended the Art Institute of San Francisco in 2001 and acquired a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art Education and Graphic Design.

In recent years Joe has been a pillar of the rich youth development community in San Francisco. He has used his passion for art and his vision for the sustainability of our culture in San Francisco, specifically the cultures of the Mission, the Bay-view and the Fillmore, to inspire, move and cultivate a long list of youth and adults that hear his passion in his work. He has built a plethora of long-lasting relationships in our small 7x7 city. His work can be experienced from the small isolated neighborhood in the Excelsior and sunset to the rich cultural streets of the Fillmore and Mission. His work extends like a spider web all over the city including Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco & Peninsula, African American Cultural Complex, John O’Connell High School, YMCA of San Francisco, Mission Cultural Center, Jamestown, Cell Space, Bayview Opera House, Playworks, Estria Foundation, Horizons, Beacons and go as far as east bay with R.Y.S.E. and Mandela Center for the Arts.

In Joe’s eyes, he teaches careers not jobs. His passion for his work is one of those priceless gems that helps our native San Franciscans’ survive in this city and stay to teach another generation the culture of doing what you love and loving what you do while leaving a positive imprint on your community.